Pine Ridge Resort Frequently Asked Questions

Pet Policy
For several reasons, Pine Ridge Resort maintains a “No Pet” policy. I know that is a problem for quite of few of our potential guests but, unfortunately, the policy was instituted for a reason. Since we began the policy, we have been tempted many times to reverse it. However, many of our guests not only appreciate but expect that we will maintain our policy. If you cannot find suitable accommodations for your pet and would like to have it close by, contact one of these nearby boarding facilities:
Pineridge Grouse Camp
Grand Rapids Veterinary Clinic – Longville Office
Boat Launching
Because of the ridge line that runs through the resort, there is no room for a launching facility here at the resort. Fortunately, there is an excellent public access just across the lake in Longville.
Once all your gear is unloaded from the boat upon your arrival at the resort, it is a quick trip into Longville to the launch.  Back at the resort, Pine Ridge Resort has five docks in front of the cabins where your boat is moored during your stay. Trailers are brought back to the resort where we park them for the week.
If your spouse is not comfortable helping with the launch, Terry is around to help with the task. He especially likes it when he gets to drive those big outfits with 150 HP motors on the back.
One advantage to launching in town is that the launch is right next to the bait shop so you can pick up your bait and whatever tackle you managed to leave at home when you packed in such a hurry to get to the resort.
Water Hazards
A major concern of all boaters, and especially those of you bringing your own outfits to fish or play in, is the potential hazards in the lake that can damage your boat. The Cass County Sheriff’s Patrol does an excellent job on the entire Woman Lake Chain of marking potential rocks, stumps and other items with large buoys  Hazards should not be a problem if you are paying proper attention.
Motor Repairs
Speaking of problems, what do you do if your motor decides to act up on you while on vacation. Several mechanics are available in the area to work on whatever style motor you run with. 
I have been extremely pleased over the years as I refer my guests to these people. Not only have they all been very willing to do their best to get you back on the water as soon as possible, but they have never tried to gouge their customers trying to take advantage of their problem.
Camping Facilities
Due to the hilly, wooded nature of Pine Ridge Resort, there is really no room for a campground. Those looking for camping facilities on our chain of lakes should contact The Longville Campground at 218-363-2610.
Boat Gas
Several resorts around the chain offer gas right at the dock for your convenience. There used to be gas right at the docks in Longville but due to pollution concerns, they were removed. Terry can direct you to the different resorts offering gas when you are here.
Bait and Tackle
Because of the proximity of Longville and the ease of getting into town by either car or boat, we do not carry any bait or tackle or grocery items here at the resort. 
There are several locations in town where you can get all the supplies you should need during your stay.  We have found that many of our guests truly enjoy the boat ride into town for a dozen minnows, a bag of ice, maybe an ice cream cone or just to stroll around to kill an afternoon.
Longville is fortunate to have a large, well stocked grocery store. It is open every day but you have to check the hours. Many of you will be used to being able to run in any time to pick up the items you need.
Besides the grocery store, there is a well stocked C-Store that is open longer carrying bait, tackle, light groceries and many other items.
Within one-half hour of the resort, there are several excellent eating establishments. Whether you want a quick and filling sandwich or a great fine dining experience, the local cafes and restaurants will satisfy your tastes. 
Longville also has two places to get homemade pizza and a great ice cream shop featuring over 20 varieties of ice cream and some food items too.
Mini-Week Vacations
Normally, resorts maintain a Saturday to Saturday policy for summer vacations. But we have found that many people cannot or are not comfortable taking a full week away from home and work. To accommodate those folks, we began our Mini-week program five years ago.
Here is how it works:
We will rent for three nights or four nights all summer long beginning or ending on a Saturday. So you can either arrive on a Saturday and leave on a Tuesday or Wednesday, or arrive on a Tuesday or Wednesday and leave on the following Saturday. Pretty simple. I know that it doesn’t meet everyone’s needs but it does work for lots of folks looking for those shorter summer vacations.
Just a note. During the rate periods where we offer our Spring and Fall rates, the Mini-week program does not apply. During those periods, we are very flexible and will try to meet anyone’s needs including just weekends. Our only restriction then is that we must have a two day minimum reservation.
Fishing License
In a hurry to start fishing when you arrive?
This can help.  Just below is a direct link to the Minnesota DNR’s website where you can buy your Minnesota Fishing license on-line.  There is a list of resident and non-resident licenses and the costs. For non-residents, there are several different packages including a family package and different time periods. Just click the link for the Minnesota DNR site.