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Pine Ridge Resort Activities


Girl fishing from resort dock

A family fishing resort wouldn’t be such without the fishing.  Fishing off the docks is a favorite pass time for guests of all ages.  The younger kids are fascinated by the schools of sunfish swimming around our docks all summer.  Northern pike patrol the weed edge within casting range of the docks and hooking a nice largemouth bass while fishing off the docks is a common occurrence.  

Girl Lake with all it’s bays and shoreline almost always offers a quiet place to take the family where fish are sure to be found.  

Swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding and the paddle boat will take up hours of the kids time each day.  

          Family Playing on Water Mat at Pine Ridge Resort      

The large swim deck is located right at the waters edge where parents can relax in the sun while the younger kids play on the water mat nearby.  A swim raft sits about 100′ from shore in about ten feet of water where the older kids love to dive.        


A variety of birds can be found here at the resort, the shoreline of Girl Lake and in the surrounding forest of all shapes and colors.  Black Capped Chickadees live around the resort year round as do the incredible Pileated Woodpeckers.  Water birds from many kinds of ducks to great Blue Herons to Kingfishers to flocks of migrating Pelicans and Swans.  We occasionally have nesting Northern Orioles around the resort.
In the skies above, Bald Eagles and Ospreys search for dinner.  The Chippewa National Forest is home to the lower 48 states greatest population of nesting Bald Eagles and we see them often over the resort.  There is nothing like the experience of sitting in your boat waiting for the fish to start biting when an Eagle or Osprey swoop down and pick one off of the top of the water just feet away from your boat.
The clear waters of Girl Lake attract a large population of nesting Loons and they seem comfortable to have us around watching them.  Guests have had Loons swim beside their boat, pop up in front of the dock they are sitting on, and entertain them at night with their haunting calls. 
We are within an hour of several prime bird watching areas including the Chippewa National Forest and Deep Portage Nature Conservation Area.
Eagle seen birdwatching at Pine Ridge Resort